On my way to completing the Pokedex!

When I played Pokémon Black, I knew it would be impossible for me to complete the Pokedex, not only because some pokémon didn’t exist in the wild, but also because I knew that the Global Link was discontinued for that generation and I wouldn’t be able to trade with players around the world for the pokémon I needed. But last year I bought Pokémon X, and now completing the pokedex is much easier.
Right now, as I’m writing this, I have seen 638 species and caught 587.

pokedex - 02-04-2016
At first the Wonder Trade was the perfect place to find lots of new pokémon, but now that I already have all of the most common ones, I’m not getting anything new there, so I turned to the GTS. So far, it’s been pretty good; as long as you avoid the shitty offers like “give me your Diancie and I’ll give you this Dedenne”, then it is an ok place. I got an extra Xerneas from the WT before I started using the GTS more often, so I used that to cycle all the legendaries I could.
I got kinda stuck with that for a while, I got a Mesprit, but for some reason I couldn’t trade it for the rest of the Lake Trio, though giving it an Ability Capsule solved the problem.

What I’m concerned about now is how I’m gonna get all of the pokémon that evolve by holding specific items during a trade. Getting the items won’t be hard, but finding someone to trade and trade back with will probably be the hardest part of completing the pokedex.
Fortunately, I’ve found out that Reddit has lots of users who trade with each other every day. I’ve even traded on one of those subreddits once and exchanged friend codes for the friend safari, so maybe that will make it easier to find people to trade with.

I’ll leave some contact information on the About page in case someone ever reads this and wants to trade or something.



Author: Crystaleye

Writing helps me keep my thoughts organized, so I will write about anything.

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