After I uploaded that first post in which I talked about completing the pokedex, I kinda forgot about the blog and left it untouched, so I want to get back into writing stuff for it.

I got a few ideas.

First of all, I completed the pokedex, so I can write about how I did it, which pokemon was the hardest to get and things like that.

I was also thinking about doing some planning for a posting schedule. For example: I can post at least one time a week plus a monthly special. This would also help make the content of the blog balanced, because it is not only a personal blog, but it also isn’t only about pokemon. I could try and post an article about pokemon every two weeks, a personal/random article every two weeks too and then try to post an original writing piece of mine or a drawing every month. That way I would post a general article, followed by a pokemon related article the next week, then another general article and then another pokemon one, all of that followed by a story or something like that at the end/beginning of each month.

Having a posting schedule would be great, but I also have to go to school. I could try, it would be a big effort for me, specially because I’m forgetful and tend not to carry on my own projects; but keeping the blog active could be a good practice, so I guess I’ll try.

I’ll start developing a schedule, and then I’m gonna start posting following that schedule.

There are some topics I’d like to write about, so those are most likely gonna be used first while I come up with new ideas.

For example:

-Completing the pokedex

-Expectations for Sun and Moon

-Random pokemon highlights

-My original writing pieces and artwork

-Random rants


I’m gonna do another update once I figure out the schedule.


Author: Crystaleye

Writing helps me keep my thoughts organized, so I will write about anything.

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