Please snow a lot tonight

Hello, internet, it’s me again. I’ve enjoyed my free time in this winter vacations, but unfortunately, today is my last day of freedom and, unless it snows like it’s the ice age again tonight, I must return to jail tomorrow… I mean school; I have to go back to school tomorrow. I’m not gonna lie, I am anxious about it. I’ve been having trouble sleeping lately because of that, but I guess at least tomorrow I will be so tired by the end of the day that I won’t have any problem sleeping because I will pass out of exhaustion.

Anyway, I did as I said I would and I started playing a Final Fantasy game, but I think I might have picked the wrong entry. I don’t really have a problem with this game, it’s more likely that the game has a problem with me. I guess if you are a FF fan you probably know which game I’m talking about. I started playing Final Fantasy III for DS, and I’m more confused about the franchise now than I was before. Maybe it wasn’t a good idea to jump from Crisis Core to Brave Exvius and then to FFIII, who knows, maybe I shouldn’t be trying to play the games in any order. I’ve played some hard games before, and I’m not the one to need a guide for every single step, I like going into a game without completely knowing what I’m going to find and adapting to the new rules and stuff; but this game… this game had me confused since the very beginning.

When you start the game, your character just falls from a hole into a cave without any explanation, and that is pretty much what the game does to the player too; it just drops you in and is like “you want to beat this game? Good luck with that”. The game doesn’t even tell you how to save your progress; I feel really stupid for this, but I had to start over four different times because I had either closed the game and still didn’t know how to save, or because all my party died and I hadn’t saved a single time up to that point. You actually have two options for saving, you can do a quick save, which only holds your progress temporally, or you can do a normal save. In fact, the option was there on the main menu, but it was greyed out. Now I know that I can indeed use the save option, but I have to be on the overworld for that; which means that if I die inside a dungeon I have to start all over again from the last save point, which was outside of the dungeon.

Once I got over those first struggles and got to actually play the game, I did enjoy it. Ridiculous difficulty included and all. I still haven’t beat it, I rage quitted in the middle of the Tower of Owen because had been playing all day I kept encountering enemies but I couldn’t find any sign of progress, but I will pick it up again soon (and probably still not beat it). I also like how the game handles the narrative, there are no cheesy villains, no awkward characters and is a lot more straight forward than pretty much every other RPG I have played. It’s not that I don’t like cheesy villains, I actually love cheesy villains (most of the time), I never talked about my experience with Crisis Core, but here’s a spoiler: I loved it for its cheesy villains more than anything else, I love Genesis, I love Sephiroth, I love cheesy villains (most of the time). My point is: this game is consistent with not explaining things. It doesn’t explain itself in any way, and that includes the story (so far at least). At the beginning, you are told that you have been chosen by the crystals to save the world, period. The end is near anyway, why let you realize by yourself through a series of complicated events that would take up that precious little time that you have to save the world? Better let you know right now, right? After that, you go out on an adventure to find the other three chosen by the crystals and then save the world, stumbling into all kinds of weird situations that just push you to go forward. This is fun and nice, but it also makes the game more confusing. Here’s one situation: you visit a village and everyone tells you about some guy that went to climb a mountain and hasn’t returned yet, your goal is to get somewhere else, but since there’s no way that you can get to that place right now, you go to the mountain and find the guy. The guy has been captured by a dragon, but he doesn’t really care at all, then the dragon shows up and is about to eat you so you run away from it by jumping from the top of the mountain to somewhere else. By doing that, you end up in a part of the map that you couldn’t access before, there appears to be nothing there and, unless you have played the game before or you have read a guide, you are now stuck because your airship is broken by this point, so you can’t fly over the water, and you have no idea that you have to use that new spell the guy just gave you to become tiny and access a hidden tiny village. You get what I say, right? Basically, I had never needed a guide so much in my life. I mean, I sure used a guide to know where to find a special item in Crisis Core, I need a guide to remember where each enemy is placed in Xenoblade Chronicles in order to farm items and complete sidequests, but I had never needed a guide because I couldn’t progress in the main story without it. The game does tell you where you have to go, but it doesn’t tell you how to get there. If I have to point at one major flaw that the game has, it would have to be that one.

Over all, I like this game, it’s nice to play something different every once in a while. To close this off, I would say that it does a lot with the little narrative it has. It certainly tells its story in a different way from other games in its genre; it makes you relate to the characters in the sense that both them and the player are walking in the dark, stumbling every few steps, but they won’t give up (at least the main characters won’t). Though I also feel like the game doesn’t want to be beaten… I don’t know…


Moving on to another topic: I downloaded Pokemon GO, even though it’s not available in my region yet. That’s why I don’t really have to say much about it, because I couldn’t play it. I did get to choose my starter though; I chose Charmander, and I named it Tim. I’m an Ingress player (that other game made by Niantic), so I already know that it is good and I’m very excited to play it, I really hope that my favorite portals become pokestops.

I spent most of my free time at home; watched movies, made a drawing or two, played videogames (I completed the available story in Brave Exvius), I even watched Everyman Hybrid and Marble Hornets (yes, that’s why my charmander is named Tim), but I also went outside a couple of times to play Ingress and capture some portals.

I think that is all for today. I’ll try to post again soon, but I can’t say for sure when. I’ve been considering changing the layout of the blog, so I might put some time to work on that, because I still don’t really get the feeling that I want when I look at it, but whatever…

Good bye for now, I’ll go watch a movie, relax, and hope it snows a lot tonight. Have a great week.


Author: Crystaleye

Writing helps me keep my thoughts organized, so I will write about anything.

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